My Work

Work & Accomplishments
As the Chair of the Jenkintown Democratic Committee, Jay has worked hard to ensure that we support local, county, state and federal candidates whose ideals reflect the values of the community.

He has also worked to ensure that the Jenkintown Democratic Committee resembles the people we are dedicated to representing. Jay has worked with representatives from the African American and LGBTQ communities to establish representation for the first time on the Jenkintown Borough Council and on the Jenkintown Democratic Committee.

Jay has also been an active grassroots organizer. He has organized events in support of the Women's March in Philadelphia, has held rallies in the town square to bring awareness to the need for sensible and responsible gun laws.

For the past decade, Jay has served as a councilman on Jenkintown Borough Council. He was recently elected to his 3rd term and currently serves as the Vice President of Council.
For the past eight years, Jay has served as the chair of the Public Works Department and under his leadership as chair the Borough of Jenkintown has re-paved 75% of their roads and reduced the number of potholes. Jay has worked with residents to maintain curbs and sidewalks, and has made Jenkintown a safer and more walkable community. He has identified defects in the Borough's sanitary sewer system while working to obtain hundreds of thousands of dollars in county, state and federal grant money to fix these defects.

Jay has worked closely with our engineers, our utility companies and contractors, which has given him the necessary experience in infrastructure development to take to Harrisburg and ensure we continue to build safe roads and bridges.

As the Chairman of the Uniform/Non-uniform pension committee for eight years and a member of the safety committee for ten years, Jay has worked with the police and the Borough staff to make sure our streets, neighborhoods, school zones and communities remain safe.

Jay is ready to bring the same enthusiasm to Harrisburg as he has while working for our local communities. His work ethic, dedication and leadership will make a difference in the 154th District, as well as the Commonwealth.

Jay Conners