My Political Platform

My platform for a Pennsylvania that works for you
An economy that works
- The wages in PA have come to a standstill. While our taxes continue to increase unemployment remains a problem. I will work to raise the minimum wage and create new jobs.

Protecting Women's rights
- Republicans in PA have declared war on women's reproductive rights. As the father of three daughters I will fight to protect a woman's right to choose and work to ensure that this very basic right to choose remains their very own.

Ending gun violence
- I will continue to work to ensure that responsible and sensible gun laws are put into place . There is an urgent need to strengthen our laws when it comes to background checks to ensure that firearms can only be obtained by responsible, sane and law abiding citizens.

- As a teamster I will fight to ensure that all workers have a right to a safe work environment and the right to organize because this does remain an ongoing challenge for labor workers.

- I believe that all children have the right to receive a quality education in a safe and secure environment. Pennsylvania is ranked 46th in the nation for school funding putting pressure on our school districts to raise local taxes.
I will fight for a reasonable and sustainable funding process to ensure fair funding to improve schools for our children.

- The communities within PA's 154th district are known as the first suburbs or older suburbs. Our roads, bridges and sewer systems are in serious disrepair. There needs to be more economic attention paid to the older suburbs so more dollars can be distributed to the communities that are most in need.